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SO… What does Mentoring Mean and how might it help your career Path?

MENTORING by a competent mentor can make a big difference if you are on or about to embark on a career in the Real Estate Industry. It has been around for many years as an informal learning method with an experienced mentor simply guiding a newcomer.

A mentor should have a structure to work within and this framework will allow for a low stress connection between the mentor and the trainee. In a well conducted relationship the trainee should have access to the mentor as needed and there are a number of steps to re inforce the program for positive results.

What should you expect in a program of mentoring? 

  • First the program should have a definite outline

There needs to be clarity about what is expected of the contributors. This will ensure that the goals of the relationship are clear so that the mentor and the mentee( trainees)  know their accountability during the process.

Both parties need to be aware of the  time and effort that they need to commit to the relationship. If an action plan is created by the mentor then the parties can establish how much pre work needs to be done together with the duration and frequency of the sessions.

These expectations can be worked through in the initial session of the program.

  • Secondly the program should be flexible in presentation

Usually mentoring will be on a one to one basis and can be done via computer links or teleconference call or Skype but there might be occasions where all participants can join in a group session and discussion using again teleconferencing or other formats. This flexibility can add more interest for the mentees and eliminate boredom.

  • The program needs to be of continuing interest

If you are going to work with a mentor then the topic you are choosing needs to be of strong interest to you .  This topic will be part of the mentor,s wide ranging experience and he or she will outline the scope of what you are trying to achieve so everyone is on the same page.

  • Matching up with the Mentor and Mentee

It will be really important to ensure that the two parties can work together successfully . Both sides will need to be clear about their mutual interests and alignments so all parties are comfortable working with each other. If your mentor has an extensive background in the sphere you are working in or want to work in this will bring strong expertise to the whole process.

  • Ongoing Support

When looking to work with a mentor make sure that you are going to get on going support because the mentor should be trying to build an ongoing long term relationship with you. Regular “check ins’ to see how you are going, supplemented extra training and even notes from areas that the mentor thinks will help you, all should be part of the ‘”keeping in touch” process.

So in a nutshell there are a few things to keep in mind if you are contemplating engaging a mentor. If you’d like to have a no obligation conversation with me, Garry Gilkeson, then phone me on 0418 828 782 or

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